Friday, 19 June 2015

There are plenty of reports on online resources that animatedly discuss the topic of Luminique scam. However, women who have actually tried the products from Luminique know about the amazing anti aging benefits of these products. For instance, the Age Defying Complex from Luminique is a moisturizer that is unlike any regular moisturizer. This multi-purpose formulation offers your skin the benefits of both a moisturizer and an anti aging product.

Enriched with Trisome Plus Complex – an advanced blend of powerful ingredients – this paraben free moisturizer improves the appearance of skin that has been damaged by oxidative stress and exposure to both sun and pollution. The components of Trisome Plus Complex include age defying plant enzymes and marine botanicals. The plant enzymes help enhance moisture levels in the skin so that your skin stays replenished, refreshed and protected from the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. These enzymes also help maintain the soft and youthful appearance of your skin.

All those reports of Luminique scam conveniently omit the numerous advantages of marine botanicals in the Luminique moisturizer. These ingredients are derived from surface marine water, algae extracts and rare plants that thrive on the ocean floor. Remember that these deep sea plants have what it takes to survive extremely unfavorable conditions such as extreme temperature changes and environmental toxicity. Enzymes extracted from these aquatic plants help reduce the appearance of existing and new sun damage, thereby improving the overall complexion and tone of your skin.

Skin experts recommend using the cleanser and toner present in the Age Defying Complex Kit for gaining maximum anti aging benefits. The gentle cleanser and the pH-balanced toner helps leave the skin clean, firm and refreshed. To place an order for these products from Luminique and provide your skin the advanced protection, care and replenishment it deserves, visit today.

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